What is an Irrigation Controller and Why You Should Upgrade

irrigation smart controllers
If you’ve got an automated sprinkler system in your landscaping, you’ve got an irrigation controller. It’s the programmable part of your irrigation system that ensures your water turns on to the right part of the yard at the right time. It also allows the system to dispense the right amount of water. 




What Does the Irrigation Controller Do?

If it’s been a while since you took a look at your controller, you’re likely wasting money on your water bill. Older controller systems don’t have the bells and whistles found on newer systems. As with any automation program, there are many new developments often. Systems are coming out with advancements such as wifi operation and pairing with soil moisture sensors.

Signs You Need an Upgrade

Inadequate moisture control can lead to damaged lawns, erosion, and water waste. You may have put off your upgrades until this year, but if you start to notice these signs in your lawn and landscaping, you shouldn’t put it off much longer. 

Immediate red flags may be:

  • Dry patches
  • A change in the features, types of plants, or soil type
  • Watering on rainy days
  • Your water bill is way too high
  • Your lawn is swampy or is infested with insects or fungi (all signs of overwatering)

You may also want to consider upgrading your controller or have a full sprinkler audit if you’ve added a new garden space, replaced old plants with new or different ones, or added a section of lawn that needs to be watered. 

Upgrade Options

How familiar are you with technology? How many specific watering zones do you have in your landscaping? How smart do you want your system?

Regardless of the level of technology you opt for, an upgraded irrigation controller will add value to your property and cut down on your weekly maintenance time for your landscaping. If you can automate your watering routine, you’ll have more time for everything else. There are plenty of options you can choose from to upgrade to.

Smart Sprinkler

This type of system can be controlled from your phone or home computer. It links to the wifi system in your home and can be adjusted remotely. A smart controller can also be linked with other technology that will help the system know the status of your soil health. For example:


When this system senses drastic weather changes, causing shifts in the soil moisture levels, it can change the amount of water it gives different zones. If it’s raining, there’s no reason to throw extra water on the grass. Let nature help your water bill. 

Automatic Scheduling

You schedule your family’s activities, and you shouldn’t have to change plans to make sure your landscaping is taken care of. With a smart controller, you can schedule waterings at different levels, times, and frequencies from your phone.

DIY or Hire

You can do a lot with your sprinklers on your own. However, a new irrigation controller upgrade is best left to the professionals. Give Texas Rainmakers a call today to discuss your options, and learn the best options for your outdoor space. 

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