Smart Sprinkler System: How to Water Your Lawn While You Are Away?

People all over the world have spent almost the entire 2020 stuck at home. In the middle of the pandemic, many have found tranquility in tending their lawn. As the world gradually emerges from lockdown and reopens, it gives people hope about the future. Time will come when everyone will be traveling again. The office might require you to go on a business trip or it might be time to go on a well-deserved vacation and to take care of your mental health after almost a year of being cooped up at home.   

Does this mean that you will leave your lawn with full abandon? Who will take care of it? How will it survive? 

The answer to these questions is no.  

Even if you do not have family living near you or friendly neighbors you can rely on to water your lawn, you do not have to ditch them or that upcoming trip. Choose one or a combination of the solutions below and you can leave home without worrying about your lawn. 

1. Get rid of pesky weeds in your lawn 

Weeds absorb a significant amount of moisture from the soil so make sure your lawn is free from them. Your lawn will have full use of the moisture retained on the soil and nothing goes to waste. 

2. Prepare your soil 

A good way to prepare your soil that you can also benefit from in the long run is adding compost. This does not only improve the soil but it also helps eliminate pests and diseases. It also reduces the need for fertilizer and makes sure you efficiently use water for your lawn. 

Mulching is another effective way to improve soil condition because it helps keep the roots of your plants cool and moist. It serves as a free source of slow-release fertilizer and discourages the growth of pesky weeds.

3. Install a smart sprinkler system 

This is the best solution because watering the lawn is a full-time job. You will know this once the need to leave home comes up. A smart sprinkler system can water your lawn efficiently at a predetermined time. However, it can end up wasting water if the system installed in your home is not well-designed, correctly programmed, and properly maintained. Hire an expert to make sure that your automated sprinkler system is doing its job properly. 

Experiment with various programs on your smart sprinkler system until you find one that will work best for your lawn. 

Keep Your Lawn Healthy Even When You Are Away  

Get an automated sprinkler system for your home with the help of our experts. Set it and forget it, and do your part in conserving water by using it wisely without compromising the quality of your lawn. We service all lawns in residential areas (even in commercial and industrial sectors) in Humble, Texas and beyond. 


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