5 Most Common Sprinkler Repairs

In a place as warm and arid as Texas, proper irrigation for your landscaping is critical. Without the right irrigation for your lawn and plants, you’ll end up with dead, dying, or patchy landscaping. 

There are several common sprinkler issues that are relatively quick and easy repairs. Some of the problems can be prevented with adequate preventative maintenance. If your sprinkler system was already in place when you bought your property, a licensed professional from Texas Rainmakers can come out and take a look. While at your property, we can run a full diagnostic check-up of your system, identify issues, help you set up your preferences, and show you how to get the most from your system. 

  • Incorrectly Programmed Controller Boxes 

Modern controller or timer boxes have so many bells and whistles that they can be overwhelming. When you get your system installed, make sure your tech shows you how to use the box to be the most efficient for your outdoor spaces. 

  • Misaligned Sprinkler Heads

When a sprinkler is spraying water everywhere but where you want it, you’re going to experience a bit more than frustration. Misaligned sprinkler heads can waste water resources, and flood spaces not equipped for standing water. Standing water around your home’s foundation can also cause structural damage, and invite pests and rot into your home. 

  • Broken Pipes

This isn’t always an obvious issue. Sometimes, the pipe breaks in a place you can’t easily see, but the ground seems muddier than usual. Sometimes, the breaks are visible and gushing. Either way, you’re wasting a lot of water, and it’s draining your wallet. This is often caused by failure to prepare for cold weather. When the water expands as it freezes, it can lead to cracked pipes. Also, pipes can become damaged during construction, deep landscaping, root overgrowth, and a variety of other situations.

  • Valve Leaks

This will require a replacement of the valve in most situations. The valves on your sprinkler system ensure that water is diverted to the correct zone at the correct time. If a valve is damaged, it can lead to slow leaks and wasted water. 

  • Water Pressure Issues 

This can be caused by a variety of things. 

If your sprinkler heads get clogged up with mud, dirt, grass, etc, it can cause issues in your water pressure. This means the landscaping you need to water won’t get as much as it needs. You’ll see more of a misting than a showering if you’ve got a debris clog. 

Water pressure issues can also be caused by broken or damaged valves, hard water build up in the moving parts of the sprinkler heads, breaks in the pipes, or water source pressure issues. If your internal systems show signs of low water pressure, it’s likely not an issue with your sprinklers. 

DIY or Hire?
Some of these jobs are easy enough to fix on your own, but most will need the attention of a professional. At Texas Rainmakers, we’re here to help you get the most from your sprinkler system every year. Give us a call to set up your consultation.

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