Say What? I Need Sprinkler Repair Service?


Watering your yard, garden, or lawn can become a substantial daily chore. Installing a sprinkler system, however, remains the simple way to get it done with little effort from you.

Nonetheless, even top-quality irrigation systems can deteriorate over time, and you may require sprinkler repair to work again efficiently. Calling in a professional is usually the best course of action.

Below are some helpful hints about how to save more on a better quality of sprinkler repair. Ensure sure that you’re avoiding spending too much on a well-watered lawn.

Request a Quote Upfront
Getting an estimate for sprinkler repair costs can help you better budget for the work. Keep in mind that trying to get the exact cost of fixing a sprinkler system can be complicated. 

After all, these systems vary from one property to the next, and rarely are any two issues the same. Only a professional sprinkler repair service will know what they need to do and what it will cost.

Be that as it may, you might find it helpful to get a ballpark figure when hiring sprinkler repair specialists. Typically, repairing an irrigation system starts around $200 or up to $400, with yours most likely will be somewhere in between.

Damaged Pipes
One common issue is when the pipes to your sprinkler system become damaged. Damages can be a significant expense, and the only real way to repair a broken pipe is to replace the whole thing. 

If the pipe is underground, the cost rises, and the sprinkler repair pros will have to dig into the ground to remove it. You may also incur landscaping costs if your lawn is disturbed during the job. 

Spot Issues and Timer
Lots of time, sprinkler system damage centers around a single part. For instance, a single sprinkler head might not be operating right, and the reason could be something as simple as a malfunction or blockage from dirt. 

Another possibility is the timer isn’t working correctly. A faulty timer prevents specific areas of the sprinkler system from working as they should.

Both of these possibilities are small and require little tools and time to fix. So, they most likely are at the lower end of the price range.

Other Considerations
Other factors that could affect the sprinkler system repair costs are the climate in your area and the size of your system. Regardless of the reason, get that sprinkler system fixed so your lawn and garden can get the water it needs.

One final consideration I can offer is that if the costs of maintaining or for sprinkler repair calls becomes more than what you initially paid for the system, it’s time to replace it. You may find that you can have a new one installed for less than it costs to swap out faulty parts, as well as the cost of wasted water.

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