The Do’s and Don’ts of Sprinkler Systems


You might not realize it, but the largest irrigated crop in America is your lawn. That is why sprinkler systems remain so crucial. 

You probably wondered if your yard had a watering problem. No matter what you try, it still seems thirsty! 

What most homeowners don’t realize is that lawns take in over six billion gallons of water every day.

Why Maintain Your Sprinkler Systems?

Efficient sprinkler systems can save money and time while doing a good thing for the environment. As an avid lover of fishing and hunting, keeping the environment healthy is important to me.

Proper sprinkler system installation and maintenance can keep you from using too much water without sacrificing a flourishing green lawn.

Use your sprinkler systems. 
Watering with automatic sprinkler systems may reduce the amount of water used, as well as the time needed. 
• Utilize timers. 
      o Your sprinkler systems can often retrofit timers, which you can buy at any home improvement store.
• Water early in the morning. 
     o Watering at night may seem like the more efficient way to go, but it can bring on fungus growths. If the side of your home remains green with mold and mildew, try changing to morning use instead. 
• Install a humidity sensor or rain shutoff device. 
    o That way, when there’s already a ton of moisture in your yards, your sprinkler system will stop unnecessary watering. 

• Don t water your pavement. 
     o Ensure your sprinkler systems only cover gardens and lawns. Incorrect sprinkler systems waste more than 400 gallons a month on watering sidewalks.
• Don t have your sprinkler system on while it’s raining.
• Don t allow your sprinkler systems to waste water by running into drains or the streets
• Don t water during the day. 
     o You don’t have to run your sprinkler systems every day, and certainly not while you’re at work. Keep them off anytime after early morning. 

What Brands of Sprinkler Systems Are Best?
Installing the appropriate sprinkler system can do amazing things for your lawn, regardless if it is a commercial or residential property. If you’re unsure about which sprinkler systems will work best for you, call a professional like me.

However, sprinkler systems are considerable investments, so it makes sense to do your homework and pick one that has favorable customer reviews. Three top sprinkler systems in today’s market are Rain Bird, Hunter, and NDS.

Final Thoughts on Sprinkler Systems
Correctly maintained sprinkler systems are well worth the investment in money and time. However, depending on the type of yards you have, you may want to discuss your needs with a professional service provider.

When I’m not out on my motorcycle, my other passion is helping homeowners discover the ideal brand and setup for their irrigation needs. See why more Houston residents choose us daily.

If you remain unsure, contact Texas Rainmakers. We can help you make the best purchase decision, as well as more efficient use of your sprinkler systems.

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