The 411 On Irrigation Installation


Summer seems to last most of the year here in Humble, Texas. Some days are even too hot to enjoy a spin around town on my motorcycle.

It is also too hot for your yards to continue living without irrigation installation. Some homeowners may think they cost too much, while others remain unsure if they’re worth the hassle. 

It is essential to know a something about irrigation systems when thinking about irrigation installation. If you decide you want a new sprinkler system, you should call a professional. 

What Will Get Watered?
The first thing to consider is what, among your entire outdoor areas, will get watered? That includes shrubs, trees, and hardscapes, and knowing this will help in the irrigation installation process.

Some plants remain more drought-tolerant than others, and you might need more than one zone or timer for specific areas. Know ahead of time which sprinklers will run longer than others to prevent overwatering. 

How Much Pressure Do I Need?
The secret to an efficient irrigation system is to determine the right design capacity. A water pressure gauge gets linked to the faucet closest to the water meter so that the water pressure can get read. 

Water volume is provided as GPM (gallons per minute) and is crucial in making the system more effective. Otherwise, it will be like trying to shower with a tap that only drips out.

Why Professionals Get Better Results
To understand your water volume requirements, you have to know what size the service line is and what size the water meter is. A professional will create a with your water volume and water pressure measurements to establish your system design capacity.

An irrigation installation specialist uses the info regarding the layout of your outdoor space to craft the types and placement of sprinkler heads. It is critical to use the right style of sprinkler head for the right area. 

An accurately designed irrigation system with the right parts saves you money, time, as well as keeps your outdoor areas healthy.

Begin with Sprinkler Head Placement 
Proper planning and preparation help your irrigation installation go flawlessly. After deciding the location of the sprinkler heads, the route of the piping through your yard gets determined. 

Once you have where the lines, heads, and solenoids need to get installed, it’s a matter of applying elbow grease and getting down and dirty in the soil. It is this part that you’ll certainly want a company working because we can get it down much faster than anyone untrained.

Prevent Leaks with a Pro
While much of your irrigation installation can become a Do It Yourself project, you’ll want to choose a professional service provider like Texas Rainmakers to ensure correct results. Otherwise, you could easily cause a leak or have connections fail and not even know it.

An improperly installed system can cause more expense and headaches in the future. Make sure that your irrigation installation remains on budget and choose us today.

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