Why Winterize Sprinkler Systems?


If you’ve never lived somewhere that gets cold in winter, then you may not know that you must prepare your sprinklers. Unless it gets done correctly, you’re in for a rude awakening come spring.

When you eliminate all standing water from your sprinkler systems, it prevents expanding ice from destroying your system. As much of your sprinkler components remain PVC, plastic, and vinyl, it doesn’t take much to force them to split.

However, if you aren’t sure how to winterize sprinkler systems, you need a local expert like Texas Rainmakers to assist you. We ensure that your irrigation gets the best treatment to continue working for you later.

What is Irrigation System Winterization?

Some homeowners may think that it’s enough to merely turn off the supply of water that continually flows to their sprinklers. However, they don’t understand how much moisture remains trapped inside already.
It doesn’t take much for trapped water to freeze, rapidly expanding inside the rigid tubes and components.

Even if it doesn’t create enough force to split them open, it can just as soon cause it to stay stretched out.
Proper winterization requires that you not only cut the flow of water, but you must also force air through the lines as well. Otherwise, you’re just running the risk of destroying lines and rupturing sprinkler heads in the warmer months.

Why Hire Us for Your Winterization?

Although blowing out your irrigation lines is something that can get completed by yourself, it isn’t recommended to try without someone experienced nearby. Anything from accidentally damaging your sprinklers to winding up in the hospital is potential outcomes.

Using too much pressure can rupture sprinkler parts, while too little won’t do much of anything. And if you remain unfamiliar with how to use pneumatic devices, you could seriously injure yourself in the process. 

Winterizing your yard’s irrigation lines isn’t the most challenging home maintenance item to complete, but it can quickly turn into a dangerous one. Make sure your sprinklers remain in good hands by contacting Texas Rainmakers to prepare your lawn for the winter season.

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