What Are Irrigation Mosquito Control Systems?


You’ve spent all day making burgers, hot dogs, and potato salad for your Fourth of July backyard barbecue. However, you quickly discover you have swarms of unwanted guests.

Mosquitos are no strangers to the state of Texas, and each year, there always seems to be more than ever before. Not only do they leave you covered in repeated bite marks, but they carry all manner of disease with them.

An unlikely tool in your pest control arsenal is your yard’s irrigation system. By hooking your sprinkler system into a bug misting system, you have a built-in approach to keeping tiny bloodsuckers away.

If you’re not convinced yet, read on to learn what your irrigation mists can do for your yard. And when you are prepared to enjoy it yourself, contact Texas Rainmakers today.

How Does It Work?

In addition to the water main connection in place, we install a tank filled with an all-natural pest repellant. Once the bugs start invading, you just switch them on and watch them go to work.

Because the repellant gets administered with regular yard watering, it continually protects your property each time your grass looks thirsty. Daily use of your sprinklers is all it takes to keep your worst pests away.
And since you aren’t operating them outside of scheduled use, you aren’t using any additional water each month, preventing rising utility costs. Your built-in mosquito misters remain the cost-effective way to protect your loved ones every day.

Your system continues to protect you without requiring a ton of installed components. When you need a simple way to defend your yards, we remain the best choice for you.

Is It Dangerous?

For years, homeowners have gotten forced to balance their outdoor protection against mosquitos, and whether or not they will harm the environment in the process. Since the 1970s, however, most pest control methods have gotten seen as too hazardous to use, or it isn’t discovered to be an issue until later.

The solution that fills your tank is an organic pest repellant that makes it impossible for mosquitos to hang around. As it activated along with your water main, it lingers behind throughout your yard. 

Your system won’t harm your plants, and it doesn’t contaminate the surrounding area. It remains mild enough for your family to enjoy and potent enough to end mosquito swarms whenever they arrive.

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