Why Should You Winterize Your Sprinkler System


Even in areas that don’t typically get very cold, winterizing your sprinkler system is beneficial when you’re not using it. When you leave water in your sprinkler pipes, and it gets cold, the water will freeze, expanding in your pipes and causing cracks and faulty valves. 

You won’t even know you have an issue until spring rolls around, and you turn on your sprinkler system to find that you suddenly have a geyser of water flooding your garden, and drenching your home or sidewalks. 

To prevent damage to your pipes and valves, it’s best to hire a licensed professional to complete the process for you, and Texas Rainmakers are here to help. 

​Winterizing Techniques 

Step 1:Draining

Manual Drain
This method is almost as easy as it sounds. You’ll let the water drain from each zone moving from highest to lowest. As the water flows to low points in the system, it can drain out through the waste valves. 

Blow Out
This method can be dangerous, but it’s one of the most effective options. Using compressed air in the pipe system, you’ll force any remaining water out of the sprinkler network. This can result in dislodging debris and can cause injury. This method, while the most effective, also leaves a lot of room for error. If your air pressure is too high, or there is a severe blockage, you can damage the system. 

Regardless of the chosen method, you’ll want to make sure to turn off the water on both sides of the pressure vacuum backflow device. This will protect the values, and ensure you don’t flood the system you’re trying to clear. 

Step 2: Insulate
The weakest points in an irrigation system are the on/off valve and the pipe joints. It will be critically important to insulate these points once you’ve drained the water entirely from the system. Further, you’ll need to insulate any of the piping that is above ground. There are specialty insulated foam tubing you can buy and install for this purpose. 

DIY or Hire?
Many people choose the Do-It-Yourself route. If you’ve got experience in plumbing or landscape management, that may be a good choice. But if you lack the experience, it may be a more budget-friendly long-term option to let the professionals handle this job. Texas Rainmakers are ready to help you winterize your sprinkler system, ensuring the successful operation of the system in the spring.  

Give Texas Rainmakers a call today to schedule your consultation and discuss the best options for your landscaping.

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