Which Lawn Sprinkler Systems Are Best?


There are a surprising number of different sprinkler heads available on the market, but not all of them should get included in your yard. And although Texas Rainmakers knows how to install them all, it helps to educate others on their many uses.

Automated In-Ground Sprinklers

Automated popup sprinklers are likely the most popular option for most homeowners. All you must do is have it programmed correctly, and the system does the rest.

These are useful because you can adjust specific zones to come on at different times, and advanced models make it simple to account for rain. However, for the best results, you’ll want to hire a professional to install them.

Manual Sprinkler Systems

Manual irrigation systems tie into a water control valve that remains in the ground. Once you need to water your plants, you manually turn the valve and allow water to flow.

Once you think that you’ve watered enough, you just switch it back and wait for next time. When it feels as though too many items are overly complicated, some homeowners prefer something to remain analog.

Fixed Popup Sprayers

When you have areas of your yard that require dedicated irrigation heads, fixed popup sprayers get the job done. Once active, they maintain a steady stream of water that shoots out in small, separate streams.

These are useful for patches of grass and for setting up individual zones. Best of all, you know how soaked they will leave your plants, allowing you to adjust for enhanced water efficiency quickly.

Rotating Impact Heads

Rotating impact sprinkler heads create the unmistakable sound of summer. As it turns as far as it can, it snaps back to its starting position, creating an even coverage for irrigation.

When you have a flower bed or a line of hedges and shrubs, rotating impact heads ensure that it all gets adequately watered. Whether you prefer their distinctive series of clicks or need the added reach, we can help you install them all.

Rotating Gear Head

The downside to rotating impact head sprinklers is that they are both loud and expensive. As they retain mostly metal components, they cost more than plastic systems.

Gear sprinklers are the updated version of impact heads, remaining quieter and manufactured with cheaper plastics. Not only do they cost less, but their mushroom-like appearance is less conspicuous as well.

Misting or Drip Heads

The typical sprinkler head is going to use too much force for more delicate species of plants. If you are growing herbs, flowers, or have plants that require a small amount of daily water, you may want a drip or mist spray system.

These heads use much smaller holes, a lighter flow of water, and less pressure. As a result, they gently water your more sensitive vegetation without the risks of harming them.

No matter which combination of irrigation heads are the ideal solution for your yards, our team is here for you. Choose Texas Rainmakers for better sprinklers.

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