Licensed Backflow Testing.

What is a Backflow Test?

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If you are wondering about the answer to the question “what is a backflow test?” Texas Rainmakers have some good news for you: you are in the right place for the reply!

A backflow test is a test of a backflow device that is also called a reduced pressure zone valve (or RPZ valve) that is a part of your plumbing system designed to keep your local water supply from becoming contaminated with pollutants.

If you currently have or are considering having an underground irrigation system installed, you either already have or will need to have an RPZ valve installed.

A backflow test in Atascocita TX ensures that your RPZ valve is in good working order and can safely release potentially contaminated water out of your systems rather than allowing a backflow that could cause problems and health hazards.

Backflow Testing in Atascocita TX

Conducting backflow testing in Atascocita TX is as easy as giving Texas Rainmakers a call!

Ed Julian, owner, and president of Texas Rainmakers has a current Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ) backflow tester license and has been conducting these kinds of tests for more than three decades.

A backflow test in Atascocita TX typically takes from thirty minutes to an hour to complete per preventer device and is worth the time it takes to avoid the trouble a malfunctioning one can cause for you and your neighbors!

If during a backflow test we find a problem with your drainage system that needs to be fixed, we will inform you immediately and quote you a price on the spot t get it done quickly and affordably.

If you have other questions about backflow testing in Humble or any of our other service areas, please contact us today

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Why Do I Need a Backflow Test in Humble TX?

You may be wondering “why do I need a backflow test in Humble TX?”

To begin with, the majority of city codes (including Humble TX) require that you have a backflow preventer device installed if you have an underground irrigation system like a sprinkler system to ensure that your system doesn’t pose a risk to the local drinking water.

This kind of incident happened all over Houston during Hurricane Harvey and is the reason why officials recommended boiling water before using it during that time- to avoid possible illness from consuming contaminated water.

Which brings us to the next reason why you need to have a backflow test once a year and should have your preventer system looked at on a regular basis (which is included in our ongoing maintenance program)- contamination.

When not in use the water inside your underground sprinkler or other irrigation systems sits still and stagnant, a situation that can produce increased mineral production and promote the growth of many sickness-inducing bacteria.

Your vegetation is unharmed by these contaminants, but you, your family, your pets, and your neighbors are at risk if this system is not adequately maintained to prevent backflow.